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About our photography studios

Where are your studios located?

For London ceremonies our studios are located at either the Royal Over-seas League, or The Royal Society, both a short walk away from St James's Palace. Your studio location is confirmed in your invitation package which includes your admittance tickets to the Palace. This will have a map to the studio. Maps to the studio are also available on the day of the presentation. Studio locations for Scotland and Northern Ireland will be posted to nearer the date, but will also be a short walk from the presentation.

What time do your studios open and close?

Generally the Photography studio is open from 8.30am - 6.30pm. However on some presentation dates these times will differ slightly. Any variations will be confirmed by the DofE Gold Award presentation team when sending out invitations/confirmation emails.

The best time to visit the studio is from 8.30am - 12.30pm or 1.30pm - 4.30pm. It will be busiest directly after the presentations from 12.30pm - 1.30pm and 5pm - 6.30pm.

Do I need to pre-book a studio photography appointment?

Booking is not necessary, all of our studios are a walk-in service. However, for your convenience we do offer a certain number of bookable slots. To make a booking, first sign into the website, and then follow the link on the top right of the screen labelled 'Book a Studio slot'. This will take you to a separate booking screen, where you can select the date of your ceremony and a suitable slot. Be aware of when your ceremony will be taking place to ensure you recognise those slots which will be unsuitable.

Slots spanning 10:15 - 12:40 are not suitable for those attending a morning presentation.

Slots spanning 15:10 - 17:30 are not suitable for those attending an afternoon presentation.

When can I order my photographs?

You can order your photographs any time before or after your ceremony.

Do I need to make a purchase before my photographs are taken?

No, you do not need to pre-order or order on the day to have your studio portrait taken. Orders can be placed online any time after your ceremony.

How long does it take to produce my photographs?

It takes up to 28 working days from receipt of your order (or in the case of pre-orders, please allow 28 days after your order has been completed) to process, mount and despatch your photographs. All photographs are delivered via Royal Mail trackable service or UPS.

About pre-ordering

How does your pre-ordering service work?

Once you place a pre-ceremony order you will receive an email with instructions on what to do next. If you have ordered any packs that require an individual portrait you will need to bring a copy of this pre-order email with you to our photography studios to ensure that our photographers capture the required image(s) for the packs you have purchased.

Once you have had your photographs taken you can either inform our sales team on the day which photographs you would like to have printed and they will 'complete' the orders you have that are pending - or you can log back into the website yourself later on where any pending orders will be awaiting the image reference numbers. Once you assign the image reference numbers to the products you have pre-ordered, the order will be complete and we will commence preparation of your order.

How do I collect my pre-order?

Once you have informed us which photograph(s) you would like to have printed your order will be shipped to the address provided during the order process.

Do I need to pre-order my photographs?

Pre-ceremony ordering is entirely optional – purchases can be made on the day or after your ceremony via our website.

About ordering online

How do I enter/log-in to the website?

Access to the website requires that you enter your unique GAP ID number. This number is featured on all communications that you will have received from the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and is distinctive by the prefix 'GAP'. Eg. GAP54321. If you have already attended your event and have already had your photographs taken, then you will also find your GAP ID number printed on the 'Proof Module' showing the image that was taken of you in the studio. It is located just above your proof image.

Your eDofE ID number is also to be found on several items of DofE literature, including your Admittance Card and your Certificate.

I don't have a GAP ID, I'm a Bronze/Silver Award Holder and I just want to order a Certificate Frame...

If you are a Bronze/Silver award holder and simply wish to purchase a certificate frame, please contact our Direct Orders department. Tel: 01736 751555 Option 3. Certificate Frames are available in Gold, Silver, Bronze (and there are premium and standard versions available in each of these finishes), we also have Black and Walnut options available. All certificate frames are priced the same. See main login page for images and price.

The website isn't recognizing my GAP ID, what do I do?

If your event occurred before April 2015, you may experience difficulty in logging in to the website. Please contact us directly to discuss the order you wish to place. Please ensure you have Image Reference numbers to hand and/or can quote the date of your event and/or the name of the group with which you were photographed.

How do I order my group photograph?

As with ordering any photography product, you first need to log-in to the website by entering your GAP ID. Once you enter the site you will see four different product categories. The first of these categories concerns products associated with the group photograph. The Third of these concerns products incorporating both the group photograph and studio portraiture. You can navigate between categories via the tabs that appear along the top. Assuming you have had your event you will find that the specific product pages which follow will automatically feature (beneath the stock product image at the top) a thumbnail of your group photograph. You can see an enlarged proof of the image by clicking on it. This is the image logged on our systems as being of the group to which your GAP ID was assigned by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. If for whatever reason you feel that the image shown is incorrect, please contact us.

How do I order my portrait and/or family group photograph?

As with ordering any photography product, you first need to log-in to the website by entering your GAP ID. Once you enter the site you will see four different product categories. The second of these categories concerns products associated with studio portraiture, and the third concerns products incorporating both studio portraiture and the group photograph. You can navigate between categories via the tabs that appear along the top. When pre-ordering products and packs, those involving studio portraiture will be incomplete until valid image reference numbers can be assigned. When you have your photographs taken in the studio you will receive 'proof' sheets, one per image and each image will bear a unique reference number (and barcode). Our Sales staff on the day will be able to complete your pre-order for you, but you may prefer to order later on at your leisure, in which case you will need to have your image reference numbers to hand. When you know which images you'd like printed as part of a particular pack, you need simply assign the relevant reference number(s) to the pack and complete your order.

Why can't I see my studio images on the website?

It can take 4-7 working days from the date your photograph was taken to load your studio images onto our system. During this time you will still be able to place your order by entering the reference numbers of the images you wish to print – but the site will not yet be able to show you what those images look like. Once the images have been uploaded to the site, they will automatically show up once you log in with your GAP ID.

I was in a photograph that was part of a friend's studio session, how can I order a copy of that photograph?

You can order any photograph, as long as you know the image reference number. Key in the reference number and the image will be processed.

What are the postage charges?

Postage charges are based on the type and size of photo pack you have ordered and are clearly indicated during the checkout process.

What size are your photographs?

The size of the photographs vary depending on the pack you have selected. Sizes are clearly identified by pack on our website or on the literature you receive in our studios.

Are your transactions secure?

All transactions are processed through Barclaycard SmartPay – one of the UK's largest, most reliable online transaction processing services.

Ordering Outdoor/Location portraits (Scotland)

Gold Award Presentations at the Palace of Holyroodhouse currently involve outdoor portraiture and entail different procedures from those that apply to conventional studio portraiture. We are continuing to refine these procedures and processes. At present, images are taken by one of several 'floating' photographers, each identifiable by a number (eg. photographer 1). When visiting this website to view images in which you appear, you will have access to all of the images taken by all of our photographers, but categorised by photographer and shown in sequence, as taken, to minimise the number of images you will have to navigate.

I'm a Group Leader and do not have a GAP ID, how can I order a group photograph?

Group Leaders will not have a GAP ID and so will not be able to log in to the website. Please contact the DofE head office for information regarding the group photograph you are interested in viewing/ordering. If you already know the image reference number for the group photograph you wish to order then contact us directly by email: